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The British Library in China: Taking An Entrepreneurial Approach

Started in 2016, the British Library for the very first time shares its most important literary icons with audiences in China. The British Library in China: Connecting through culture and learning is a three year project funded by the UK Government with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations between the UK and China through cultural dialogues.

The Library has already built long-term partnerships with several Chinese libraries, universities, academic and research institutions. However, we understand that the Library as a ‘brand’ is still rather new to the general public in China. Hence the main objective of the Project is to introduce the Library to audiences in China helping to increase awareness of who we are and what we do. This is an important step towards establishing the brand and raising its profile there.

Facing with a huge number of audiences, how do we translate that into our Project strategy? The answer lies in the name of the Project: connecting. For all our deliverables we ensure that they have real connections and are relevant to, and we make sure that the end products are reciprocal to our partners in China.