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Peripheral Power – 10 Art Spaces Worth Watching in China

On a typical China trip most art professionals trace the familiar pilgrimage route of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong—perhaps tacking on a trip to Guangzhou or Shenzhen if an event warrants. But this kind of “greatest hits” approach misses out on the artistic energy of the periphery—cities where the cost of living allows for certain kinds of practices to develop outside of the grasping hands of the art market. There is everything from raw independent spaces with a DIY ethos to mature institutions with ambitious programmes. In creating this article, we approached informants in the contemporary art realm for suggestions and also reached out to the institutions themselves to find out what sets them apart. We hope you enjoy our findings!

Organhaus—Chongqing, Sichuan

No. 126 Huangjuepingzheng jie, 501 Art District, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Exhibition Space: 200 sqm

Audience: artists, art enthusiasts