Zhou Jiayi
Deaf Artist, Graphic Designer, Shanghai East International Medical Centre

From Access to Inclusion: Paving the Way for Greater Diversity in China

Zhou Jiayi was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. Art is her first language as she became deaf at an early age. She graduated from Gallaudet University (USA) with honours, receiving a double B.A. degree in Graphic Design and Studio Art 2D. Later she earned her M.A. degree in International Development, with a specific focus on art and disability.

In 2019, she worked as a contract visual painter for the first Starbucks signing store in Guangzhou, China. Her painting was mainly used for postcards, notebook illustrations, and handbags.

Her recent solo exhibitions are Silent Visions Solo Art Exhibition (Department of Culture and Education of the German Consulate General Shanghai), Our Mother Language (Jockey Club Creative Arts Center, Hong Kong), Silent Song (VSA Boston, USA).

She also participated in group exhibitions such as Honouring Persons with Disabilities Two Shanghai artists (at the home of the U.S. Consul General Jim Heller, China), China-Korea Youth Art Exchange Exhibition (Seoul, Korea) and A Vision that Smells of Soap (Washington DC, USA).