Zhang Na
Independent designer, founder of Reclothing Bank

A New Generation of Sustainable Fashion

Zhang Na is a leading figure among Chinese independent designers. In 2015, she was listed in the TOP30 of Chinese designers in the Asian edition of Forbes magazine. In the same year, she collaborated with the US charity organization “1% Earth Tax” and agreed to donate 1% of the sales of Reclothing Bank for environmental protection.

In 2020, in CNN’s special report on sustainable fashion, she was invited to speak with world-renowned designers such as Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood and were called “environmental pioneers”. She is regarded as the Prime Designer in China’s sustainable fashion by the media.

About Reclothing Bank

Reclothing Bank is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Zhang Na in 2011. After 10 years of exploration and practices, Reclothing Bank has formed its unique recycling-remaking-sales-Repay cycle. Reclothing Bank provides people with more possibilities to handle the “past”. It is a promoter and practitioner who inspires people to organically unify their lifestyles and creativity with nature.