Selena Lv
Theatre director, deviser and teacher

Emerging Talents – Stories from the Stage

Based in Shanghai, China. Theatre director, deviser and teacher.
Co-founder of all-female performance collective _ao_ao_ing Ensemble (老妖精).
Trained with psychological imaginations, Selena aspires to use theatre-making process as a means for self-discovery, community building & healing, social documentation and alternative narrative construction. BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology, Cambridge University; MFA in Theatre Directing, East 15 Acting School.
Previous projects include: “Period Pain Monologues” (2015, Helsinki Festival); “The Way to Walden” series (2015-18, a documentary project following students from a bankrupt art college, Beijing Penghao Theatre); “Quiet” (2016, a documentary theatre with significant others of MH370 incident, commissioned by Beijing Nanluoguxiang Festival); “Witness” (2017, a physical piece based on oral history of Chernobyl, presented by London Dash Arts Dacha); “No Time Gu (or No Time Like Now)” (2017, Chinese New Writing, Corbett Theatre);“R.I.P. Papa” (2021, a verbatim piece on dying and hospice care, supported by SDAC-Lab).“Annata: Not A Real Drag Show” (2019-), “Tourists Like Us” audio tour series (2018-). “Greatest Event in A Doll’s Life” (2019, winner of Ibsen Awards) etc.