LIN Cuixi
Contemporary theatre maker and performer

Emerging Talents – Stories from the Stage

LIN Cuixi, a Shanghai-based contemporary theatre maker and performer. She graduated from UCLA and East 15 Acting School. In 2018, she co-found the experimental theatre collective “_ao_ao_ing ensemble” to practice ensemble creation. Cuixi has a long-term interest in the dynamics between people and technology. She initiated the inter-disciplinary performance project “WeaverGirl Project” under the framework of _ao_ao_ing, and digged into the emotional labour occurring in the digital society. This project has just finished a phase of performance in the Residence of Consulate of France in Shanghai and is still growing.

Recent works include /The Greatest Event of a Doll’s Life’/(Winner of Ibsen Scholarship), /SOUP/ (McaM Shanghai & Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, 2018), /Annata/ (Aranya Theatre Festival), /Hi! Hi! Hi!/ (Power Station of Art, Shanghai).