Eddie Lou
Director, Sandbox Immersive Festival

Mixing Realities: Digital Media Creativity from China

Eddie is the founder and CEO of Sandman Studios, a VR creative studio based in Beijing for premium and experimental VR experiences. Sandman Studios’ recent work Free Whale and Fresh Out are officially selected by 74th and 75th Venice Film Festival VR Competition. Eddie is also the founder and director of Sandbox Immersive Festival, China’s first VR/immersive media festival which the well acclaimed first edition was held in June in the city of Qingdao.

Eddie also worked as an advisor and mentor for a number of AR/VR companies and related institutions such as Greenlight Insight, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing International Film Festival etc.

Eddie held degrees from Imperial College London, University of the Arts London and London Business School. Prior to joining VR industry, Eddie has been working as business strategist and consultant for APEC China Business Council, JD.com, iResearch and Accenture.