Claudia Fan
Senior Programme Officer, China Programme, Ellen McArthur Foundation

A New Generation of Sustainable Fashion

Huaxing Fan (Claudia) is a Senior Programme Officer within the China Programme. Her main focus is to explore the potential for the Foundation’s Systemic Initiatives in China.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Claudia worked as a communications consultant at the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), an international environmental organisation. Her primary work at NRDC was to lead communications work for the China Coal Cap Project, which supports China as it strives to peak national coal consumption and achieve its long-term environmental goals. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Management from the Capital University of Business and Economics in Beijing, and studied in MPhil Program in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In her spare time, she loves practising yoga and travelling; on her travels, she enjoys going to the local markets to check out fresh food.