The Publishing Landscape in China: Opportunities for British Writers

The Publishing Landscape in China: New and Emerging Opportunities for British Writers is a report commissioned by Nesta as part of a wider Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project to map out the market for British publishers and writers in China, identifies the barriers to entering and operating in the market, and considers how much of an opportunity digital transformation represents for British publishers and writers in reaching Chinese audiences.

China’s current publishing landscape is at once exciting and complex, and is in the midst of a significant transformation through its opening up to the world in commerce and culture, and through the impact of technology that is, as elsewhere, radically changing the way its readers consume and share written content.

In China, online literature platforms such as Cloudary and equivalent platforms in the West such as Wattpad are beginning to challenge traditional publishers in their role as gatekeepers. China is, however, much further ahead in trying to develop innovative business models and revenue streams around these online literature models, enabling some Chinese writers to make careers out of writing while bypassing traditional publishing channels.