A Guide to Arts and Culture Opportunities in China

Opportunities for international collaboration in China are wide -ranging. The British Council in China has commissioned this practical guide to arts, culture and creative activities to help UK stakeholders access these opportunities. This report is to support cultural and creative organisations, artists, practitioners, and SMEs to better understand the trends and developments across China’s cultural and creative sectors.

All too often, relationships are focused on the largest markets and the so called first tier cities including, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. This guide also highlights the “off the beaten path” developments and opportunities in China. These include new and emerging fields of arts and culture as well as cities and regions which have their own unique cultural identity and offer. The report is broad in scope, covering national and regional policies, and cultural projects and activities from the breadth of China’s provinces and sectors. It should act as a starting point to encourage artists, SMEs and institutions in the UK to further explore relevant opportunities for collaboration in China.

The British Council commissioned a similar guide in 2008. In the past ten years, the cultural sector in China has changed drastically with huge investment in infrastructure and massive audience growth. The number of large UK institutions working in China has also increased to include the Tate, British Museum and the V&A.

The new guide provides an up-to-date view of the Chinese cultural landscape with the aim of strengthening the existing cultural relationship between China and the UK. Particular focus is given to opportunities for SMEs, individual artists and smaller institutions who would like to work in China.