Call for collaboration – malcolm macfarlane – China Now Call for collaboration – malcolm macfarlane – China Now

Call for Collaboration - Malcolm MacFarlane

Areas of interest: Inclusion
Location: Edinburgh
Date: From 30 November 2020 to 18 December 2020
A harmonic minor in V position - a movable shape

About Malcolm MacFarlane

I’m a creative musician and educator. Ever since I first visited Japan in 1992 I have been absolutely fascinated by the culture of East Asia. China is an phenomenon and with incredible potential for business and culture. Even to gain some small insight and experience with this amazing land would be extremely exciting.

Collaboration Ideas with China

I would like to explore how music is accessed by different groups in Chinese culture and society. I would also like to exchange ideas of music making and attitudes and approaches to improvised music in particular.

Practicing or aspiring musicians from all disciplines including established Music Colleges and Conservatoires. Traditional or contemporary, all would be interesting.

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