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Call for Collaboration - Alan Rutherford

Areas of interest: Inclusion
Location: Glasgow
Date: From 30 November 2020 to 18 December 2020

About Alan Rutherford

Achieved BA.hons (1999) from Glasgow School of art and MA Fine Art (2019) from University of Creative Arts. Studio based at SWG3, Glasgow where there is a vibrant community of artists and designers. I’m often interested in borders, boundaries and frontiers and the history of these places, how they were created and the associated narratives and stories. I am also usually engaged in creating site specific works, installations and objects that are often drawn from social issues and environmental concerns. It is very powerful when someone encounters art in an unexpected place and it is not a case of showing an art work to a viewer – but exposing the viewer to the art work. I think this underpins my vision. I am a member of Glasgow Sculpture Studios and the International Sculpture Centre.

Specialisms and expertise would include sculpture, 3D construction, video creation and editing, technology such as web design/development and Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Collaboration Ideas with China

I’m interested in the differences between the West as a project and the Far East and how creativity is both understood and practised. Both Scotland and China have shared ancient histories and a strong sense of Heritage in general. I am very interested in learning more about Oriental heritage, artistic tradition and approaches towards creativity.

I am also a keen traveller and have a strong interest in other cultures. My experience of working online is well developed, having recently completed an MA over 3 years that was delivered entirely online by the Open College of the Arts/University of the Creative Arts. I also have peer recommendations from artists who have attended residences in China and are highly recommended.

I would like to explore folklore, narratives, story telling and mythical creatures that can be found in the annals of each countries history, whether regional or national. Such heritage and culture forms the basis of our modern identity. The project would explore each countries / regions historical past and how this past can be re-interpreted and celebrated.

Myths, narratives and ancient cultures risk disappearing and the collaboration would look at ways to re-animate and re-contextualise this history through a combined synthesis of the forms and subjects. We can examine national and local objects, places, maps, texts that might describe and illuminate this history. Looking at these items, we can analyse them and create new theories and new meanings to make new forms. We will use new technology for exploring ways for mapping out, visualizing, developing and presenting the work to an audience. There will be an exchange of knowledge and skills and finding new ways to explore and express. This would be a socially inclusive practice where others could be invited to join the collaboration, for example we could produce a book an website that would contain drawings of project participants.

I’m looking for a partner who appreciates history and heritage, but who is also technologically competent and open to ideas on how to present the work and bring it to new audiences. What I hope to get from the collaboration in general is a solid output (either tangible or intangible i.e. physical or digital) that is meaningful and lasting and more importantly something that others can interact with, discuss and enjoy. I would also hope to raise my skills and experience through working with another artist on the international stage. I know from previous experiences that working on such projects can provide creative stimuli and ideas long after the project has been completed.

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