The Palace Museum Taihe Visiting Scholar Fellowship Programme Application Announcement


The Palace Museum is housed in the Forbidden City, the world’s largest and best-preserved wooden palace complex, which possesses a collection of more than 1.86 million priceless treasures. The imperial architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties and the rich collections that reside here together represent the crystallization of human civilization and wisdom; their contemporary significance—including historical, cultural, aesthetic, scientific and technological values—deserve our continuous exploration. It has been our constant academic focus to explore how to better protect, research, interpret, display and transmit the history and culture contained in the Forbidden City and its collections.

In keeping with our innovative, open, and collaborative approach to academic research, the Palace Museum is inaugurating the Taihe Visiting Scholar Fellowship Programme (‘Taihe Fellowship’) to support outstanding academics from outside the Chinese mainland to conduct academic research and exchanges at the Palace Museum. Starting from 2022, the Taihe Fellowship, named after the grandest architectural structure in the Forbidden City, will be awarded to visiting museum professionals and scholars from higher learning and academic institutions outside the Chinese mainland. Detailed information is as follows:   

1. What We Support

The key research interests that the Programme supports mainly include: imperial architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties; the history and culture behind the Palace Museum collections; historical books, documents, and archives in the collection of the Palace Museum; the conservation and scientific research of heritage objects; and archaeological research.