#ReConnect – 2021 UK-China Contemporary Culture Festival call for proposals



While travel to and from China is still limited, the British Council China Arts Team is working to create ongoing engagement opportunities to share British arts culture and educational opportunities with audiences in China. 

The pandemic has created many challenges for the UK arts and cultural sector, but it has also led to the growth of innovation, artists, producer’s museums, designers and other creative professionals have evolved their practice and quickly developed new ways of collaborating, experimenting and sharing their work. 

The British Council in China wishes to share latest developments and cultural experiences from the UK with audiences in China through a festival that will take place online and offline. The festival titled #ReConnect will build on everything the team has learnt from the delivery of the 3 week festival that took place in October 2020, which reached over 11.9 million people in China. 

China has a unique digital ecology, many UK arts and cultural organisations do not have social media platforms or channels that are accessible in China, the 2021 edition of the festival will create an opportunity for UK partners to share their work with audiences in China using accessible channels in China.