Open Call: Shenzhen Fringe Festival


Shenzhen Fringe Festival, starting from 2010, has already become a great carnival rather than a small party involving only minority. It is a place where the newborn artists can be supported and released, and the dull and boring from daily life will be replaced by creativity and fun. The Fringe Festival landed in Shenzhen at the proper time. It was like breezing the wind of art into every corner of the city. And it offers this “economy engine” city a brand new stage that opens for all, and making Shenzhen, where used to be lack of art life, now more colourful and active.

Shenzhen Fringe Festival is a “free and easy” art festival which sets its main stage in streets and squares.It is also an attempt of cultural activities of public art in China. We are searching for a method to blend fringe arts into people’s daily life, to let people see the possibility of Chinese public creativity. Fringe will definitely bring Shenzhen more surprise and energy.

Shenzhen Fringe Festival is now looking for new programmes for its three festival modules in 2018.

Fringe Inside