Open Call: OCAT Residency 2019


Since 2006, OCAT Shenzhen has been organized 9 sessions of “OCAT Residency”. The 2019 program is planned to be held from September 1 to November 30. The invitees undertake the residency no less than two months. We welcome artists, curators, designers, architects, scientists, historians, cultural researchers,  various researches and writers from all over the world to involve in the project. It is hoped that through this project, a dialogue platform will be set up between artists with different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to promote the exchange and interaction between artistic ecology in Shenzhen (and its surrounding areas) and residents, and to further facilitate the establishment of sustainable international exchanges among OCAT museum group.

Recipients will be provided:

    1. A round-trip ticket from your city to Shenzhen (economy fare).
    2. Health and life insurance during the residency.
    3. The necessary facilities and funds for creation, investigation and research work during the stay period:
      • The sum of 3,000 Yuan (RMB) per month per recipient for the cost of living (meals, traffic, communication and etc.) during the residency. (100 Yuan per day, will provide living cost according to the number of days the Recipients stay)
      • The sum of 1,200 Yuan (RMB) per month per recipient for the cost of materials and researching works during the residency (Formal invoice is needed for reimbursement. Special circumstances require communication with the staff in advance)

The above funds and accommodation are provided according to the standard of one-person treatment for applicants in a combined form (except air tickets and insurance). In addition to the OCAT commitments, all other expenses incurred during the stay will be borne by the residents themselves.

Responsibility of Recipients

  1. Submit documents and residency proposal as requested and achieve the project you mentioned in your proposal when the residency ends
  2. During the residency: Communicate and coordinate with OCAT team; attend the events and exhibitions organized by OCAT Shenzhen; communicate with the local artists and art organizations in Shenzhen and surrounding cities. Open your studio from time to time and make lectures to the local public
  3. Put in a report to summarize your residency experience


OCAT Shenzhen welcomes applicants from any creative fields from all parts of the world. The deadline for applications in 2019 is March 31. OCAT Shenzhen will notify all applicants of the results by e-mail before Mid June. All applications will be submitted to OCAT Academic Committee and OCAT Shenzhen. Recipients are voted on by members of the committee and OCAT Shenzhen together. Some applicants will be nominated by OCAT Academic Committee, local and international cooperative organizations or curators and artists with cooperative experience.