Open Call: Designer Dads Exhibition Shenzhen


Among the numerous ancient communication instincts, parent-child relationship based on kinship is undoubtedly one of the most typical instincts. In China, with the evolution of civil rights movement and the concept of child rearing, more and more males participate in child rearing and parent-child growth as Dads. In terms of the design field, Designer Dads integrate the unique emotion in parent-child companionship and the design work. To make design the media of father-child emotion communication and value delivery is a unique and fresh phenomenon in the design for kids area.

With the theme of “aesthetic enlightenment & value continuity”, this exhibition plans to collect the works of more than 20 Designer Dads from different countries and areas, such as building design, space design, amusement design, toy design, animation design, product design, and is aimed to build a platform of display and communication of parent-child.

The Designer Dads exhibition is now calling for submissions!

Designer Dads Exhibition