From 2006 to 2013, OCAT Shenzhen has organised eight times of Residency projects. We are pleased to announce that the OCAT Residency project will be restarted in every autumn from this year. The project is going to be hold during 1st September to 30th November of 2018. The invitees undertake a residency no less than one month. We welcome not merely artists, but also historians, curators, designers, architects, writers and culture researchers involved in the project. The project aims to create a dynamic platform for multi-disciplinary exchange, synthesise international cultural sources and contribute to the construction and development of Chinese contemporary art system within Shenzhen local context, further to make OCAT Museum Group an sustainable and international standard contemporary art organisation.

The application deadline of 2018 is April 15. Applicants are encouraged to send their completed application package well ahead of time.All the applicants will be informed by email of the result in May to July 2018.


OCAT has four decorated residences. Each residence owns a studio and living space. House facility includes WIFI internet, furniture, television, telephone, washing machine, bathing equipment, air conditioners, fridge, kitchenware and bedding.

Specific demands and technical enquiry should be put forward before recipients arriving in Shenzhen so as to be solved in time.