China Box Office Crossed RMB 60 Billion in 2018

China Box Office Crossed RMB 60 Billion in 2019

China’s film bureau just officially announced key numbers of the Chinese film market in 2018. According to the released info, China box office totaled 60.98 billion yuan in 2018, a 9.06% increase year-over-year. Domestic films generated 37.9 billion yuan in ticket sales, accounting for 62.15% of the total box office. 82 films crossed the RMB 100-million mark in 2018, and 44 of them are local films. The highest grossing film of the year is Operation Red Sea, which earned 3.65 billion yuan and was viewed 93 million times. The total number of screens reached 60079 in 2019 with 9303 newly built screens. Read more on Mtime

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