D-TALK 2019

OCT Art & Design Gallery

D-TALK is the design forum initiated by OCT Art and Design Gallery in 2012. Under the theme of Living a Life in the Hypernatural Epoch, D-TALK 2019 will invite 17 guests from across the world to unfold the meaning of ‘life’ and reflect our connections with the surroundings from perspectives of nature, society, mindset and technology. British artist duo Something&Son and British Designer Jon C Flint will share their insights on this theme.

NT Live: Hamlet

Broadway Circuit in collaboration with British Council

Acclaimed as a leading man of the London stage long before achieving international superstardom as Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch returns to the greatest theatre role of them all – Hamlet – following the runaway success of Frankenstein at the National Theatre in 2011. Reinterpreted with a visual grandeur by sought-after director Lyndsey Turner, this version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet dissects the Prince of Denmark and his darkening world with political precision and psychological insight.

Banksy: Genius or Vandal

Banksy: Genius or Vandal Exhibition Hong Kong

The exhibition features Banksy, one of the most influential creators in the contemporary art world, showcasing over 70 pieces of his original artworks including sculptures, installations, videos and photographs over the years. Visitors can also immerse themselves in a specially created audio-visual installation.

Winter’s Tale (KBTC 2019)

Broadway Circuit in collaboration with British Council

Due to phenomenal demand, The Winter’s Tale, Shakespeare's timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption, returns to cinemas this festive season. This beautifully reimagined production, co-directed by Rob Ashford and Kenneth Branagh, features a remarkable cast including Dame Judi Dench as Paulina, alongside Tom Bateman, Jessie Buckley, Hadley Fraser, Miranda Raison and Sir Kenneth Branagh as Leontes. This critically acclaimed production was the first in the hugely successful Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company Live season that was broadcast to cinemas from London’s Garrick Theatre over the course of a year in 2015.

‘Cheers!’ Series: Grass by Second Hand Dance

Cultural Presentations Section, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR

Explore the ground and all of its wriggly inhabitants in this quirky dance show. Performed on freshly-cut turf, featuring various kinds of tiny creatures, Grass weaves together dance, puppetry and projection to inspire children to look closely at the world around them. Grass enjoyed nationwide tours of the United Kingdom and participated in various children arts festivals including Kew Science Festival in 2019, Dublin Theatre Festival in 2018 and Edinburgh International Children's Festival in 2017.

2019 UK-China Deaf Film Showcase Guangzhou

British Council, British Consulate-General

In collaboration with the British Consulate-General, the British Council will bring eight films from the UK-China Deaf Film Online Showcase to audiences in Guangzhou, with sharing sessions and a mini sign language class. Shi Chengchuan, who has created the mobile app Voi Book to connect deaf and hearing communities, and Sam Zheng, Founder of Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival will share their efforts in driving inclusion.

4th Today’s Documents

Today Art Museum

The 4th Today’s Documents invites Huang Du and UK curator Jonathan Harris to co-curate this year's exhibition. With 37 artists/artist groups from different countries and regions participating, the curators proposed the exhibition theme-“A Stitch in Time”- based on the complex social, political, economical and cultural changes that are happening in the world.

CAC – The 3rd Ear Cat Meet THE NØTEL

Chronus Art Centre

Chronus Art Center will host a pop-up show at CAC, featuring two artists Lawrence Lek and KODE 9(Steve Goodman), with the project of THE 3RD EAR CAT MEETS THE NØTEL. The project will be presented with video projections, a 3D-printed 3rd Ear Cat installation, ambient sound and game stations.

Crafting Futures Chengdu Engagement Exhibition

Fangsuo Commune, British Council

From 22 October to 30 November, UK designer Odette Steele participated in the Chengdu Crafting Futures residence to explore the traditional craft of Shuxiu embroidery and sustainability and innovation of fashion design. On 30 November, the engagement exhibition of Chengdu residence will be hosted in Fangsuo Bookshop Chengdu, showcasing the stories and productions of Odette's residence.

Crafting Futures Jingdezhen Residence

Taoxichuan Art Venue

Crafting Futures is a British Council global programme supporting the future of craft; its practices and people. Crafting Futures China will address sustainability and innovation, women empowerment, traditional craft and young audience through two craft artisans' residence in Chengdu and Jingdezhen in 2019. From 29 November to 29 December, UK designer Abbie Adams will participate in Jingdezhen residence and explore the sustainability and innovation of ceramic materials.


Broadway Circuit in collaboration with British Council

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Anton Corbijn, Spirits in the Forest will feature recorded footage from Depeche Mode's Global Spirit Tour in Berlin, and trace the stories of six fans from different backgrounds. The film provides a look into how the nature of music has brought people together.

Tiger & Tiger Tale by Barrowland Ballet

Barrowland Ballet

Barrowland Ballet is one of Scotland’s most exciting and successful contemporary dance companies touring nationally and internationally, based in Glasgow. Tiger and Tiger Tale is about a dysfunctional family whose three members, Mom, Dad and their daughter Poppy, have become unable to interact and love each other. When a tiger invades, the troubled family’s world is launched into chaos.

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