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The British Council in China is working with its long-term partner Scottish Government to pilot a Digital Connections through Culture exchange and collaboration programme, using digital technologies to connect cultural leaders and creative practitioners and organisations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdine, Stirling with their counterparts in China.

About the opportunity

We are inviting a light touch expression of interest from creative and cultural professionals, organisations and networks from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdine and Stirling who have been nominated to be part of pilot, based on strategic areas of interest.

20 individuals/organisations from the five cities in Scotland will be supported as part of the pilot from November 2020 – February 2021 to work with their peers in China digitally. The structure of each collaboration will be determined by the respective partners, but should work towards achieving the following outcomes:

Opportunity 0
Serve as a period of acclimatisation, increasing mutual cultural understanding and supporting knowledge exchange.
Opportunity 1
Seed enduring relationships between the individuals and organisations that go beyond ‘one-off’ projects or interventions.
Opportunity 2
Provide a platform for the formulation and testing of creative ideas which could be co-developed in the future.

The Digital Exchange phase will be flexible, although we anticipate it will take between 8 – 12 weeks for partners to develop ideas for further exploration. During this period, partners will be expected to keep in regular communication and work together on creating a concept or project idea for further development, with agreed milestones and outline work plans.

Partners will be asked to participate in the project evaluation, which may include the completion of surveys, participating in interviews and focus groups and sharing presentations.

There are no grants associated with this phase of the programme, although we can support translation and other access related costs as part of our commitment and desire to welcome applications from D/deaf and disabled leaders and practitioners. Partners who complete the Digital Exchange will be invited to apply for a Partnership Development Grant of £2,500 to further co-develop their concept or project idea either digitally or in person (subject to air travel restrictions) in 2021.

For any further information, contact us.