2021 dctc collaboration – China Now 2021 dctc collaboration – China Now

2021 DCTC Collaboration

Area of interest

Call for Collaboration - Artlink Central

Location: Stirling
We are interested in partners who collaborate with socially engaged artists and we are keen to build partnerships with organisations who share interests in social justice, disability, art in healthcare and mental health and wellbeing.

Call for Collaboration - Scottish Dance Theatre

Location: Dundee
We would expect to establish a supportive dialogue with our Chinese partner to understand the complexity and nuances of the current situation for dance and the performing arts in China today. 

Call for Collaboration - Aleksandra Zawada

Location: Edinburgh
I would like to work with curator, art institution, journalist, archives, publisher or photographer/s, artist, art maker whose work is interested in similar themes.

Call for Collaboration - Biome Collective

Location: Dundee
We would primarily be interested in working with cultural organizations who are looking to incorporate experimental approaches to interactive media into their own programming, or who already have done this and want to share their own experiences, as well as independent game developers and small studios or artists who are working with video games.

Call for Collaboration - Jenny Niven

Location: Edinburgh
I am interested in projects which facilitate intercultural dialogue between writers and believe there is scope to make lasting connections between Scottish and Chinese writers, which would lead to publication projects with the potential to reach large audiences.

Call for Collaboration - Alan Rutherford

Location: Glasgow
I would like to explore folklore, narratives, story telling and mythical creatures that can be found in the annals of each countries history, whether regional or national.

Call for Collaboration - Anthony Mills

Location: Edinburgh
I am interested to begin a conversation with a Chinese counterpart/organisation to investigate the possibility of delivering an event based on these questions above and focusing on the principles of inclusion, collaboration with the local community and young people and the re-imagination of city spaces through dance and live performance.

Call for Collaboration - Simon Fildes

Location: Edinburgh
I am interested in choreographic or technical partners that help develop the project as a long distance collaboration.

Call for Collaboration - Project Ability

Location: Glasgow
We would like to work with a social care or health care organisation which provides support to people with learning disabilities or people with mental ill health especially of they have a co-existing visual arts programme / arts studio or if they have interest in supporting their clients to develop their creativity for employment or social and emotional benefit.

Call for Collaboration - Malcolm MacFarlane

Location: Edinburgh
I would like to explore how music is accessed by different groups in Chinese culture and society. I would also like to exchange ideas of music making and attitudes and approaches to improvised music in particular.